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Show Me Something COOL!

This year's joint conference with the Oregon Airport Manager's Association at beautiful Skamania Lodge promises to be one of our best ever. We are introducing a new session at the conference called "Show Me Something Cool". This will be a chance for our airport members to share something great they are working on. This could be a project of particular interest, an interesting environmental program, an innovative new airport business, a novel approach to airport land use planning, or anything else of particular note. Anything is on the table for sharing. Each featured airport will have approximately 10 minutes for their presentation and 5 minutes for questions and discussion.  If you think you have something fantastic to share with your airport management community, let us know. We will select 2 airports from Washington and 2 airports from Oregon to get this new session rolling. If your airport is not chosen this year, it may be next year, so please don't be shy. We all have a lot of be proud of in our work and we benefit from hearing about the good work of our colleagues.

If you are interested in presenting as a part of this program, please contact me by email at sara@portofskagit.com or by phone at (360)770-7704.

And if you haven't yet registered for the conference, even if you don't want to present, this will be a great opportunity to learn from your colleagues.  Go here to get info and register.


Sara K. Young
Director of Planning and Facilities
Phone: (360) 757-0011
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