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Meet the New Board of Directors for 2024!

Welcome to our newly elected officers! They are excited and ready to step into their new positions. It's a great team and we look forward to their leadership. The new board will take their positions in January. Thank you to everyone who voted in this year's election.

WAMA thanks the past Board of Directors for the outstanding job they did this past year and for their dedicated service.

Bowers Field Tour (Ellensburg)

The WAMA Board of Directors went beyond the usual virtual meeting to hold a hybrid in-person/virtual meeting on location in Ellensburg. The morning started with an overview by several staff members of the Central Washington University Aviation Program, then moved on to a tour of the facilities where planes are stored and repaired. From there, they stepped outside just as a fleet of Piper Archers with student pilots at the controls landed one by one on the Bowers Field runway. The sparkling red and white planes with the common "N" number ending in "CW" were impressive with the latest modern glass avionics and navigation equipment.  

Attendees spoke with CWU students in the program and shared information about available scholarships and grants. WAMA looks forward to partnering with CWU by making students better aware of the opportunities for internships and jobs in airport management. 

WAMA thanks the staff at CWU for sharing their aviation program with us and thanks Dave Decoteau for reaching out to CWU to arrange the tour.

Airport Kiosk Available

The Bremerton Airport no longer needs its kiosk and would like to give it to another airport. Construction is solid, it just needs paint. It cost about $2,500 in materials to build. If someone is willing to go to Bremerton and pick it up, the airport will assist in loading it.

The kiosk can be used for the Washington Passport stamp location, to post notices, upcoming NOTAMs, maps, advertise nearby restaurants and hotels, and a host of other ideas to serve your airport community.

For more information or to request the kiosk, contact Dough Haughton at haughtondoug@gmail.com 

8th Round CARB Loan Announced

Do you have a capital project that needs funding? The Community Aviation Revitalization Board (CARB) is meeting this December to award over $2.5 million in remaining funds and is accepting applications.
The Board increased the maximum loan amount to $1,200,000 while still retaining a low 2% fixed interest rate. Loans can be up to 20-years with an optional 3-year loan repayment deferral period. Loan recipients must commit to provide public access to the airport for a period of time equivalent to one and one-half times the term of the loan.
The primary purpose of the revolving loan program is to fund revenue-producing capital projects that assist public-use, general aviation airports to become more self-sustainable. Eligible projects can include hangars, fueling facilities, business parks on airport property, paid parking facilities, passenger amenities, green energy enhancements, and other revenue-generating or cost-cutting developments. The initial deadline for applications is Wednesday, November 22, 2023.

For an application or more information, contact Dave Chenaur, Aviation Loan Program Manager at chenaud@wsdot.wa.gov or 360-628-1767 (cell). The loan application and other loan program information is also posted on WSDOT Aviation’s website, https://wsdot.wa.gov/travel/aviation/community-aviation-revitalization-board-carb-loan-program   

Thank you to all of our sponsors, JUB, DOWL, Paine Field Snohomish County, CivilAir Engineers PLLC, Precision Approach Engineering, Applied Pavement Technology, Walla Walla Regional Airport, Arlington Municipal Airport and the City of Arlington, Century West Engineering, The Port of Skagit, and Morrison-Maierle for sponsoring the biweekly Waypoints news bulletin. Your support means so much to us.


Sustainable Aviation Festival

You are encouraged to attend the SA Festival in Alburquerque in September of 2024.  The agenda offers attendees the opportunity to increase knowledge and better understand renewable energy technologies, products, and services with unique and fun opportunities to interact with aviation experts.

If airports want to show their support of the event and allow their logos to be used, they will receive three passes to the festival.
If people would like more information on the event, please contact John Hilgers of ClearSkies at 1-704 605-0008.

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Letter from the President

Dear colleagues,

I want to begin by thanking you all for allowing me to represent the Washington Airport Management Association (WAMA) in 2023 as President. It is a great honor and privilege to represent the fine group of professionals that are stewards of Washington State Airports.

WAMA has been instrumental in my career and management of the Chehalis-Centralia Airport. To be able to repay this by taking on this responsibility is incredible. I know if you are not yet a member and are considering joining, you will not regret it. If you are an existing member who has assisted or encouraged me in the past, I am indebted.

Since the early days of aviation, Washington State has been home to an innovative hub for aviation. I believe we have the opportunity and responsibility to help keep it that way. The WAMA Mission Statement says, “Our mission is to strengthen airports and airport management in Washington State by fostering professionalism among airport operators.” I can say without a doubt this group effectively does that every day. We do this as individuals and collectively.

With that being said, we have some challenges as stewards of airports coming up. We have rising costs, labor shortages, and increased legislation that can all negatively impact our airports. This is where WAMA can excel. We can provide tools and support to our colleagues and help Washington airports thrive in the next chapter of aviation we are writing today.

Thank you all again for this honor, and let’s work together to make the Washington Airport Management Association an example for other states to follow. If you are not already a member, please join us. Receive the benefits of the knowledge and experience of your peers, but also become a resource for others to learn from. I look forward to seeing you all in the coming year.


Brandon Rakes
Airport Director, Chehalis-Centralia Airport
WAMA Board President


Upcoming Events

May 06, 2024 • Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn, WA

Airport Management Q&A (click here)

Washington State Aviation Alliance (WSAA): Visit their website at http://www.wsaa.aero
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Washington State Airport Restaurants

(click here to download)

Warren Hendrickson has compiled an informal list of Washington State/PNW Airport Restaurant List (updated spring 2023) which includes additional pages for nearby Oregon (both east and west of the Cascades) and Idaho airports. This list is not complete and we ask that if you have suggestions or recommendations for restaurants at or serving your airport, please feel free to send your suggestions or recommendations to Warren Hendrickson, at: wbhendrickson@comcast.net.  He will continue to update the list as time allows. The list is primarily intended for use by pilots as they fly around the area. Perhaps providing everyone with an additional reason to visit your airport!

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