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Applications are still open and the Governor’s Office is still looking for more people to apply for Governor-appointed seats on the Commercial Aviation Work Group created in HB 1791 (PDF 10KB).
The position requirements can be found on the Board & Commission Profiles | Governor Jay Inslee (wa.gov)” and those interested can apply now.

Application reviews began Oct. 9 and will continue until all seats are filled.

Positions open include:
• Position 5: Rep. from the airline industry or business dependent upon air service
• Position 9: Citizen rep. - Eastern WA - must represent the public interests in the communities that are included in the work group's site research and understand the impacts of a large commercial aviation facility on a community
• Position 14: Citizen rep. - must represent the public interests in the communities that are included in the work group's site research and understand the impacts of a large commercial aviation facility on a community
• Position 15: Rep. from a freight forwarding industry
• Position 16: Rep. from the trucking industry
• Position 17: Rep. from a community organization that understands the impacts of a large commercial aviation facility on a community
• Position 18: Rep. from a statewide environment organization
• Position 19: Rep. from the statewide environment organization


Thanks from the Community Aviation Winner

A sincere thank you to WAMA for offering the Community Aviation Grant! This grant allowed sixty-five fifth graders from Lucille Umbarger Elementary School to visit Skagit Regional Airport on July 6th. We had blue skies and some excited students on the airfield for about five hours! The theme of the field trip covered the fact that there are so many careers tied to airports including pilots, construction, engineering, maintenance, and everything in between.

Many thanks to our wonderful tenants for giving up time to talk about their businesses and share with the students the amazing things they do. Mike Dyberg from Dyberg Aviation spoke about his history in flying, operating a flight school, and being a CFI. Cascade Aviation offered a tour of their flight school and CFI Libby was able to show the students one of the school’s aircraft. Read more

Second round of airport grant applications to be awarded 

OLYMPIA – It’s time for the second round of 2023-2025 Airport Aid Grant Program. The Washington State Department of Transportation Aviation Division anticipates awarding $2 million in funding. Airports can only apply for projects previously submitted through the Statewide Capital Improvement Program (SCIP). The SCIP is an unconstrained prioritized list of projects entered by Washington’s 132 public-use airports that captures project requirements for airports to address individual airport needs.

WSDOT will start announcing grant award decisions after June 1, 2024.

The deadline to apply for the second route of funding was April 19, 2024.
The next grant cycle begins July 2025.
For more information, visit WSDOT Aviation’s SCIP or Airport Aid Grant Program page. For further questions, contact Eric Johnson, WSDOT Aviation Deputy Director, at eric.johnson@wsdot.wa.gov or 360-708-8970.

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Letter from the President

Dear WAMA Members,
I am deeply honored and excited to extend a warm welcome as the newly appointed President of the Washington Airport Management Association (WAMA). Having joined this remarkable organization in the early 2000’s, I have witnessed the incredible growth, collaboration, and expertise that define our community of airport professionals.
WAMA stands as a beacon of inclusivity and talent, fostering a spirit of camaraderie among individuals dedicated to the advancement of aviation management. As we embark on this next year together, I am committed to upholding these values and fostering an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion.
Our shared mission includes reaching out to new airports and students, ensuring that the wealth of knowledge within WAMA is accessible to all aspiring professionals. I believe in the power of mentorship and collaboration, and together, we can expand our outreach to cultivate the next generation of aviation leaders.
I encourage each of you to actively participate, share your insights, and contribute to the growth of WAMA. Let us leverage our collective expertise to propel our organization to new heights, welcoming fresh perspectives and ideas that will shape the future of aviation management in Washington State.
Thank you for entrusting me with the honor of serving as your President. I look forward to working closely with each of you to make WAMA an even more dynamic, inclusive, and influential force in Washington State.

David Decoteau, A.A.E., USAP
President, Washington Airport Management Association


Sustainable Aviation Festival

You are encouraged to attend the SA Festival in Alburquerque in September of 2024.  The agenda offers attendees the opportunity to increase knowledge and better understand renewable energy technologies, products, and services with unique and fun opportunities to interact with aviation experts.

If airports want to show their support of the event and allow their logos to be used, they will receive three passes to the festival.
If people would like more information on the event, please contact John Hilgers of ClearSkies at 1-704 605-0008.

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Upcoming Events

May 19, 2025 • Campbell's Resort, Chelan

News & Activities

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Washington State Airport Restaurants

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Warren Hendrickson has compiled an informal list of Washington State/PNW Airport Restaurant List (updated spring 2023) which includes additional pages for nearby Oregon (both east and west of the Cascades) and Idaho airports. This list is not complete and we ask that if you have suggestions or recommendations for restaurants at or serving your airport, please feel free to send your suggestions or recommendations to Warren Hendrickson, at: wbhendrickson@comcast.net.  He will continue to update the list as time allows. The list is primarily intended for use by pilots as they fly around the area. Perhaps providing everyone with an additional reason to visit your airport!

Washington State Aviation Alliance (WSAA): Visit their website at http://www.wsaa.aero
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