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The Coronavirus pandemic has hit us like nothing else in our lifetimes.  It has turned our lives upside down, affecting the way we shop, buy groceries, eat out, travel, work, and communicate with friends and co-workers.  Although we don’t know how long the social distancing restrictions will be in place, there are decisions about future events that have to be made now.

After much deliberation and many discussions, the conference committee with approval from the WAMA Board of Directors decided that it was in the best interest of our members and consultants to cancel the Annual WAMA Conference scheduled for June 1-3, 2020.  This is a decision we did not take lightly, but with the COVID-19 still looming over our heads, uncertainty of the future, and many businesses and governmental offices restricting travel, it was the only decision that made sense.  These are difficult times and we care about our members.  We would not want to place any of our members in danger.

As it stands now, next year’s conference is scheduled to go on as planned for June 7-9 at Alderbrook Resort and Spa in Union, WA.  We are working with Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, WA to see if it is possible to reschedule with them to 2022.

Those of you who have already paid for registration, sponsorships, or reserved a room are surely wondering about refunds.  We have spoken with the hotel and our financial department to work out the following solutions and to answer the most frequently asked questions:  


Q:  Will the deposit I made on my room reservation be refunded?
A:  You have two options.  

  1. Contact the hotel 1-800-572-0493 and ask for a refund. Refund requests must be made at least ten days before the scheduled event.  OR
  2. The hotel will apply the deposit toward a future visit within a year’s time.

Q:  Can I have my registration refunded?
A:  Yes, but again, there are two options.  Contact Executive Director Marjy Leggett at
Director@wama.us and state your preference.

  1. Ask to have your deposit refunded.  It will be returned by check.  Please provide the name or organization to whom the check should be written and the address.  OR
  2. Apply your deposit toward the 2021 conference, which will be held on June 7-9 at Alderbrook Resort and Spa in Union, WA.

Q:  Our company donated toward sponsoring the conference.  What do we do?
A:  Contact Executive Director Marjy Leggett at
Director@wama.us .  You have two options:

  1. For a refund, provide the name of the organization or individual to whom the check should be written and the address.  We will send you a check for the amount you donated.  OR
  2. You may apply your sponsorship and complimentary registrations toward the 2021 conference being held on June 7-9 at Alderbrook Resort and Spa in Union, WA. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unique and difficult time.  We are all treading through uncharted waters.  If you have any questions, please contact:
Marjy Leggett


Upcoming Events

June 01, 2020 • Sun Mountain Lodge, Winthrop, WA
June 07, 2021 • Alderbrook Resort & Spa, Union, WA
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